Our mission

Our mission is to train, inspire, and empower.

We train people in personal safety and self-defense. Our instructors value diversity, recognize trauma, and respect reality.

We inspire people to realize their full mental and physical potential.

We empower people to have fun, enjoy life, and maximize their safety.

Contact us and take safety into your own hands!

What clients are saying

  • What clients are saying

    "Trauma informed training provides a conditioned brain other options for both thought and action. It helps build a sense of trust in oneself, which is essential to a healthy recovery. This kind of growth needs a safe place to take root. Reaching outside the system, through a network of trust and confidentiality, with the assistance of family and friends, to find Brigitte was a critical step in survival. Removing herself as a target geographically and working with Brigitte helped her begin to imagine (or re-imagine) the story she could live beyond the abuser, and beyond the failure of the system -- a future reality where she had the ability to exercise effective tools moving toward becoming herself again, no longer feeling like helpless prey."

  • What clients are saying

    "I'm so much more aware of my surroundings and what is going on around me. I'm glad I took this class with my mom, and I wish my friends would take the class too. Learning about personal safety and practicing physical defense in a safe environment could help you avoid a dangerous attack or even save your life."

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