Taekwon-Do Student of the Month

Practicing her Middle Block

We chose Ayla Demaray (White Belt) as Student of the Month for October 2012. Ayla is one of our youngest White Belts at Kim’s Taekwon-do School Three Forks. In the past, we have only considered higher ranking students as “Student of the Month.” ┬áBut Ayla has shown exemplary dedication to her training. Since Ayla started, she has consistently attended class as often as she can, usually at least three times a week. Ayla is quiet, but she has also shown us that she can speak up for herself. She helps other new students and makes them feel welcome. She also has an awesome kyap (Spririt yell).


Congratulations, Ayla!


Ayla, 10th Kup

4 Comments on "Taekwon-Do Student of the Month"

  1. Jamie Demaray says:

    Good job honey! We are so proud of you!
    Love, mom and dad

  2. Aunt Angie says:

    Wow Ayla !
    I hope I get to see you in action someday soon !
    That is really something to be proud of !
    Lindsay & Liam like your picture too and said to tell you
    congratulations !

  3. We always welcome visitors at our dojang (training studio). Visiting aunts and uncles, grandparents, and other friends and relatives are always welcome to attend practices and also our rank promotion tests every other month. Family support and encouragement is so important for our students. Thank you for supporting Ayla!

  4. Congratulations on promoting to Yellow Belt, Ayla!
    You did a great job, performing your hyung and in sparring. Keep up the good work.

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