Taekwon-do and Gangnam Style

We had fun with our visitors from Korea. I-Ho Pomeroy brought a group of Korean teachers to Three Rivers Defense for an evening of Taekwon-do and Gangnam Style dancing. After a chili feed, a fund raiser for the local foodbank, our visitors met up with us at the dojang. Several of them changed into doboks and joined us for hyungs, sparring, and breaking.

One Blackbelt, John, hadn’t practiced for 25 years but still remembered his skills, demonstrating powerful kicks, and breaking boards with a palm heel and a side kick. Taekwon-do skill and grace must be part of the Korean DNA.  And having fun –

After some “serious” Taekwon-do, the Korean teachers taught our students Gangnam Style.  We’ll have to practice some more –

One young student already asked when the Korean teachers will be back.

Gamsahamnida to I-Ho andJohn, doing a front kickGetting ready for the workoutP1040937P1040941 the Korean teachers! Come again, and spar, break boards, and dance with us.

Chon-ji Hyung



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