Happy 2018!

Enjoy a happy and safe 2018!
For me, 2017 brought big changes. Moving forward has been good. In the coming year, at Three Rivers Defense, we’ll focus again on wellness, healing, and violence prevention.
Self-defense and violence prevention are serious subjects. Harassment is obnoxious. Sexual and other assaults can be terrifying and traumatizing. But self-defense training doesn’t have to be scary or tedious.
People learn and retain information more easily and effectively when they are relaxed and have fun. That’s why we strive to have fun when we are training.
Real self-defense is also much more than just punching, kicking, or other physical techniques. It goes way beyond that. Self-defense starts with self-awareness: checking in with ourselves. It includes noticing our emotions and the sensations in our bodies. It includes paying attention to how we feel about someone or a place or a situation. Self-awareness is the basis of any situational awareness and any effective self-protection.
Self-defense also includes exploring what or who makes us happy and what or who bring us down.
For me, self-defense on an every-day basis includes making time for fun, eating well, and drinking water (not my favorite). For example over the last few days, I spent time laughing with my daughters over old photos and skiing powder at Bridger Bowl.
I hope you have time for some self-care, whatever that means for you in the coming year. Happy 2018!

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  1. Brigitte Schulze says:(Author)

    We continue to do all of our training by appointment as we did in 2017. This way you can choose dates and times that work for you or you and your group, and we can tailor your training to your needs and interests.

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