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Our personal safety workshops promote well-being and safety by providing realistic violence prevention and self-defense education and training to individuals, groups, and organizations.
We teach safety and defense concepts. We cannot guarantee your safety.  But we train you to be more aware and more prepared, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Our goal is to increase your ability to avoid, reduce, recognize, and manage risk. We want you to leave our courses with more self-awareness, situational awareness, and knowledge and with better options to increase your safety and that of your loved ones.
Our training options are well-researched, taught by nationally trained instructors, and reality-based. We are dedicated to a supportive, inter-active, and respectful environment. Our focus on empowerment is on increasing your knowledge and skills, not on fostering illusions and dangerous over-confidence. Our goal is to make personal safety training accessible to anyone who wants to learn.
We look forward to collaborating with you in violence prevention.

Target Eyes

Target Eyes

These custom-designed workshops focus on partner violence, including stalking and sexual assault. Our courses are trauma-informed, respectful, and empowering. Participants learn about indicators of partner violence and safety options in a supportive, inter-active environment.

In addition to risk management skills, participants practice basic, safety-oriented physical self-defense that is easy to learn and retain. These defense skills require no previous training or particular fitness level.

Three Rivers Defense’s comprehensive workshops intend to increase safety options and to re-empower survivors of partner violence. Our courses are well-researched, taught by nationally trained instructors, and reality-based.

Self Defense Skills

Self Defense Skills

Our Safety Every Day Workshops are custom-tailored to the needs of our trainees.  We determine our trainees’ concerns and safety issues with them and tailor their training to their specific interests.

We develop and enhance our trainees’ violence prevention and self-defense options through realistic safety training and education relevant to their  specific situations.We work with people who want to prevent victimization or who have experienced violence and want to guard against further victimization. We train people to be more aware and to set visual, verbal, and physical boundaries.

We help our trainees gain a better understanding of the attacker’s mindset, address their legal options, and give them options to prevent and defend against psychological and physical assaults.

Our goal is to empower people with increased knowledge and skills. We help them realize their physical and mental strengths, coupled with a realistic appreciation of  danger risks.

Stonetown, Zanzibar

Freddy Mercury’s

We offer personalized consultations on safe travel practices for individuals and groups traveling within the US or internationally.

We provide client-specific information on destinations and how to increase safety both while traveling to your destination and during your stay.

Education tailored to your needs enhances risk appreciation and management before and while traveling no matter where you intend to go.

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Three Rivers Defense GymInvest in your safety now. Contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss your training needs and interests with us. Our training options range from 60-minute to multi-day training. After we decide together what will best fit your needs, you can register by mail and check or you can e-mail us your registration and pay on-line. We believe in diversity. At Three Rivers Defense everyone is welcome.

Contact us to schedule a training for yourself or your group.

We offer workshops and private classes throughout the year by appointment.

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