Bozeman Personal Safety and Self-Defense Workshops

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Bozeman Personal Safety and Physical Self-Defense Workshops

WHAT: The focus of these workshops is on improving personal safety through learning and practicing physical self-defense skills and obtaining a basic knowledge of violence dynamics and prevention.

You will learn and practice setting and enforcing boundaries, using your natural weapons, including palm-heels, hammer-fists, elbows, knee strikes, kicks, stomps, releases from grabs and holds, defenses against strangulation attempts, and fighting back from the ground.

We emphasize training in a supportive, friendly, and fun environment.

Private small group training assures that each person will receive optimal individual training customized to the group’s needs and interests.

WHEN: By appointment. You or you and your group can select dates and times that best fit your schedules.

WHO: These workshop are for anyone who wants to learn and practice basic physical self-defense skills and/or gain a knowledge of violence dynamics and prevention. No previous knowledge, skill, or specific physical ability is required.

WHERE: 612 W Griffin, Unit C, Bozeman, next to Outa Ware, (behind the River’s Edge) just off North 7th in the new Great Northern Commercial buildings.

For more information or to register, please contact us.

FREE RETURN AND PRACTICE: Trainees will be able to return for free monthly self-defense refresher sessions at 5:30pm on the first Tuesday of each month.

The free Tuesday self-defense sessions are also open to everyone who attended previous trainings with Three Rivers Defense. We are looking forward to seeing you. The next refresher session will be on  Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 at 5:30pm.





The Hunting Ground

The movie The Hunting Ground is a powerful, disturbing new movie by the Academy Award nominated producers of the Invisible War.

It tells the story of sexual assaults on campuses across the US, the role of big business university athletics,  and institutional cover-ups.

It also highlights the pain and courage of the survivors who stood up to their universities and tried to hold them accountable.

The response of the universities was outrages. No meaningful follow-up; no accountability.  The film ends with the admonition to students, parents, and faculty to hold their universities accountable.

If we do nothing, these rapes and sexual assaults will continue. College athletics is big business. Athletes are prized assets for these universities. Students who were raped or  sexually assaulted apparently are dispensable.

What will you do? Contact your board of trustees at your university? Contact the board of regents? Contact your alumni associations? Support your university or local or state anti-violence associations? Learn more about holding your universities accountable?Here are some resources:  

The Hunting Ground

Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

End Rape on Campus

Culture of Respect

Know your IX

RAINN: Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network









Stalking Awareness Month

January is Stalking Awareness month. Stalking is a crime under Montana law and under the law of the every other state in the United States. It is also a crime under federal law. Read more…

Sexual Assault and Rape Defense Courses

Three Rivers Defense offers sexual assault and rape prevention and self-defense courses this fall at our location in Three Forks and at your locations throughout Montana. Read more…

Self-Defense and Individual Responsibility

lions protecting their cub

Who is responsible for your safety? Local police? The sheriff’s department? The prosecutors? University administrators and campus police? All of them may affect your safety but ultimately, responsibility for your safety rests with you. Read more…

US Justice Department Investigates Handling of Missoula Sexual Assault Complaints

The U.S. Justice Department announced that it was starting an investigation into complaints that the University of Montana in Missoula,the Missoula Police Department, and the Missoula County Attorney’s Office had inadequately handled complaints of sexual assaults and harassment, Read more…

Three Rivers Defense in the News

3 rivers defense

A Fighting Chance, Three Forks self-defense classes teach protection, safety for women” is the title of a recent article by Jodi Hausen in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Check out “A Fighting Chance”  Read more…

Sexual Assault Awareness Month


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Three Rivers Defense is committed to combat sexual violence through personal safety education and self-defense training. Ask about our Special Discount for April sexual assault and rape prevention courses.  Read more…

Sexual Assault and Rape – Basic Montana Definitions

Some Information on Montana sex crimes

This isn’t a philosophical meditation; it’s more of a crash course on sex crimes.  Read more…

RAINN Back to School Safety Tips

Back to School in Seoul, Korea

Check out RAINN’s Back to School Safety Tips at

RAINN is an organization dedicated to sexual and other violence prevention. Every year, RAINN publishes Back to School Safety tips. Check out their 2011 tips . RAINN also has other safety tips and resources on sexual violence and abuse that you might find helpful.