Montana Crime Statistics

April 21 – April 27 is designated  National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. Here are some statistics from the Montana Board of Crime Control for 2012. Keep in mind that these statistics are based only on reported crimes.

37,013 – reported victims of crime in Montana

3,723  – victims of domestic  violence

367 – adult victims of sexual assault

754 – child sexual abuse victims

1,378 – child physical abuse victims

2,912 – elder abuse victims

212 – robbery victims

8,145 – adult victims of assault

Again, these numbers are only for reported victims. Many crimes are never reported.

Regarding women victims, most women are assaulted by non-strangers.

Support victim advocates and organizations providing help to crime victims.

Learn about crime prevention. Advocate for systemic change that fosters violence prevention.

Educate yourself about risk awareness, reduction, recognition, and avoidance. Be aware, prepared, and ready to take action if necessary.

In an imperfect world, the only one whom you can always rely on to be there for you is you yourself.

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