Our goal is to provide you with realistic personal safety and self-defense options, regardless of your level of physical conditioning. Participants of all levels of ability, age, experience, and strength will learn techniques and information that they can effectively use from the first day of class. This is not a martial arts program. Nor does it require you to have any particular athletic ability or strength. We value diversity. Everyone is welcome at Three Rivers Defense.
Before we begin physical self-defense training, we provide you with the information to make educated decisions about personal safety and defense. We provide information on mental preparation, legal issues, physical and non-physical options, including boundary setting, as well as insights into violence dynamics. Our self-defense training uses easy to learn, retain, and apply gross motor movements and is based on solid research and legal defensibility.

Focus and fun for you and your partner- Private Self Defense Training

Focus and fun for you and your partner-
Private Self Defense Training


We provide workshops and training for individuals, colleges, universities and schools, women’s groups, LGBTQI+ groups, shelters, and other organizations throughout Montana and elsewhere at times and locations convenient for you. check out our self-defense training options. For more information on the personal safety component of our workshops, see Personal Safety.

Private training enables you to select times and dates that work best for you and/or your group. You can schedule your private training at our Bozeman location in Montana, or, if you have suitable space we will travel to your location. We will focus on specific issues of interest to you and your group.

 In our Violence Dynamics/Self Defense workshops we provide education and training in Bozeman, Montana, or at locations throughout Montana and elsewhere chosen by our clients.

3-legged Versys bagsWe begin with a discussion of risk awareness, reduction, recognition, and avoidance. We explore predatory and emotion-based violence dynamics and discuss mental and emotional preparedness, boundary setting, de-selecting yourself as a target, legal components of crime and self-defense, and self-care after an attack.


We discuss and practice asserting verbal, visual, and physical boundaries, and then progress to hands-on defense training, including partner training and simulated attack training. For participants’ comments, visit our Testimonials page.

In our physical self-defense training  we learn and practice self-defense skills and drills with bags, shields, tombstones, BOB (Body Opponent Bag), focus mitts, and other targets  and fighting from the ground. These classes focus on physical self-defense drills.



In our Fitness and Self-Defense training we learn and practice fundamental techniques, with a focus on drills and partner training for functional fitness. We train functional fitness with lots of drills with bags, shields, the Body Opponent Bag (BOB), and other targets. These classes are by appointment for groups with a minimum of 4 participants.

We also practice through simulated aggressor training, wearing protective gear. Otherwise, we wear regular or work-out clothes for our training.


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Return and Practice: Our return and practice classes provide reduced cost and free refresher and follow-up training for graduates of our workshops.

The follow-up sessions builds on the skills and concepts learned and practiced in previous trainings.

Call us to schedule a refresher course for you and your friends.Check our Website and our FaceBook site for announcements of free return-and-practice sessions.

Workshop Options

 Training Options:

All of our training is by appointment. Contact us to schedule your training based on your needs, interests, and preferred schedules. Our courses include:

1.  Basic Personal Safety and Self Defense

2. Violence Dynamics and Self Defense with a Focus on Intimate Partner Violence and Rape Prevention

3. Self-defense Skills and Drills  (bag, shields, targets, focus mitts and other drills)

4. Basic Releases from Grabs and Holds

5. Free Return and Practice Classes (refresher classes are free with our 8-hour class package and available at reduced cost for all of our trainees)

We provide low cost continued practice and refresher options for our trainees.

Call us at 406.580.5190 for rates and training options.

We strive to make personal safety training accessible at reduced fees to students and any non-profit groups that provide sexual and other intimate partner violence prevention and intervention services.

Pay online with Paypal Checkout

Once we’ve been in contact and have discussed your training options and class schedule you can choose to pay online, through Paypal Checkout by clicking the link to the right and following the form:

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  1. Teena White says:

    There are many self-defense classes and a lot of information out there, but Mrs. Tuller’s classes are very relevant and practical. Recently we had a bizarre but potentially threatening situation in our home. Because of the information I learned in her classes, I was able to pass that information on to my children. Even though my children were afraid, they knew exactly what to do and handled the situation correctly. Talking about violence doesn’t mean we think it’s going to happen to us, but if it does and we have a plan, we are one step ahead. Ignorance does not equal safety and awareness does not equal paranoia.

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